Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weird Al polka pop medley

So apparently Weird Al made a medley of many pop songs, and it is really funny. So watch it now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awesome Things.

Hello there!! This post is brought to you by Casa de Impresionante (House of Awesome). I will now show you the things that I have recently bought/acquired. That is all...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Limited Edition Xbox 360

Hello people, I have finally decided which new Xbox system to buy. When I say system, I am refering to which Limited Edition special custom 320G Xbox 360 Slim I want. Originally I was wanting the Star Wars themed one. Namely because... IT's STAR WARS!!! But also because it comes with a white connect, the new Star Wars Kinect game, and the console was tatted out in R2-D2 theme and the controller was gold, to represent C3PO. All for the low price of $500  Here are some pics: 

BUT. Today I actually found out about one that, to me, is even BETTER. That's right, I said better. Now we all know that the only thing that could truly be better would be a TRON themed Xbox, but sadly that is not happening. However, in my opinion this other style is at least on par with the Star Wars one. It is this glorious Gears of War 3 themed system:

No, there is no Kinect, but who really uses that anyway?? (I wouldn't use it) But there is something here that will never be seen again. Not only is there 1 Limited Edition Gears of War 3 style wireless Xbox 360 controller... but there are 2!!!! You never freaking get 2 controllers from Microsoft, they're too cheap, but with this set you do!!! Believe it or not, this is what actually won me over from the Star Wars set. Well, that and the $100 less price tag. This one goes for $400. Not to mention that this set comes with Gears of War 3 and has custom sounds from the game. The power on and open tray buttons each have custom sounds. I should probably mention that so does the Star Wars one.

However, All in All, I really Want the GoW3 set and dangit, I pre-ordered it already so I AM getting it. I will post pics and video when I get it.

I should also probably mention when they are being released. The GoW3 console ships September 20, and the Star Wars one ships December 30.