Monday, September 20, 2010

Life is a Paradox

ok, so i just realized what happens when people (college students) mix the information from different classes, and actually think and try to apply that information to the real world....    they become ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, this sounds kinda obvious, but to those who didn't quite realize this, it is quite a revelation.

And now for my next trick: i will make a statement about personal life and the government.

IT IS A PARADOX. ok there, i got that out; now i will explain:
-let us assume for the sake of this argument that a democracy is the best type of government (rather than say a tyrany or a monarchy or a communistic government), the reason that this is so, is because "the people rule". so would you say that the members of the government are in Conflict or that they generally work In Accord with each other for the betterment of that society? In Accord. (here I must digress to point out the fact that not all members of the democratic government will work together for the betterment of the society. Some will work for the betterment of themselves or for the benefit of some group. Yet the majority of the people in the government aforementioned work for that common good/benefit that is profitable for all.)

So, in this Democratic Society in which we live, what type of relationship is most encouraged? (This of course excludes friendship, which is not particularly encouraged, yet is present nonetheless.) Conflict. Conflict is the answer. When most people think of the word conflict it generally carries with it a negative connotation, and yes conflict can be negative, but the majority of conflict is of the positive type. Competition that is. What do the large majority of the American people do in the time in which they are not working? Sports. What is a multi-billion dollar a year industry? Sports. Think of, not the richest person you can think of, but the person who earns the most per year. The odds are that you just thought of an athlete who made around 10 Million or so last year. Nearly every third commercial you see on the television is of an athlete, a sports game, or a sports equipment company. Our society is dominated by competition.

Think about it this way, we have a capitalist economy and the absolute basis, the founding theory behind capitalism, is competition and free trade. This is what prevents certain companies from gaining a monopoly and dominating a certain area of the economy and skyrocketing the prices. This is what allows us to go to Kohls, Walmart, Target, Sears, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Aeropostale in order to get clothes that are in style without paying the price that one company set because no one else could compete. Walmart and Target are  perfect examples by themselves. A supermarket could set whatever prices it wanted with no consequences if there were no other company that could set lower prices for the same goods and draw more customers and therefore more sales.

This is the Paradox - The basis for society and consequently our lives is Conflict, and more specifically competition; yet the system of government which we agreed was the best, the Democratic one, is by nature useless if its members are in conflict or competition.

Sure one person may have one idea that is bested by someone else's idea but that is not what i am speaking to. I am speaking to the representatives and senators who would constantly fight and argue over trivial aspects and then stretch out the project and then spend exorbitant amounts on crap. Yes, I am well aware that this very closely describes our current government. I know. The reason for this is the fact that, our current form of government is not a true democracy. In a true democracy "rule by the people" the people would truly rule. There would be no representatives or senators. Every citizen would have a vote for every law, every judgment, and for every issue debated any citizen could make an objection or object to what any other person said. That is the basis for a true democracy.

So, in closing, our current life is a paradox.

and people wonder why nothing ever gets done, hahahahahahhahahahahahahahha........

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


why do people create blogs? is it because they want a place to journal their thoughts and feelings, is it because they want a lot of people to read the things that they have to say, or is it another way to generate an income? or a mix of the above reasons, who knows? if you have a reason please comment. if you have a blog, please comment and tell your reason. if you want a blog, please comment and explain your reason/s. if you could care less, comment and tell why, you should express your feelings in a healthy controlled manner, in such a way as to prevent your complete meltdown.

Thank you for your time,
Dr. J.M. Thompson PhD.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh Yeah

i am posting this too, because i couldn't link the 2 songs together in the same post

04 Taste Of India.m4a

Aerosmith is unique

i am posting this song because

08 The Farm.m4a

Oh boy

so, i just did something either really stupid, that will scar my social reputation forever, or one of the smartest things i have ever done. I just finished sending out mass blackboard emails to every student in all of my classes, and invited all of them to join me on FB, Twitter, and on here. Well, I will find out later if that was a good idea or not.

Until then, 

" I live by a code, it is simple 'honor your God, love your woman, and fight for your country'" -Hector of Troy

and Honor for the Rodina(Motherland)  - random Russian word 

i like this intro - the first 30 sec.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Breaking news

please be advised that the following image is an artist's rendition of the supposed Vampire @ UT

vampire at UT update

please be advised, all readers that the Vampire at UT is thought to be psychic/esp/ paranoid schizophrenic. in an earlier report i advised you(my readers) that the vampire was using an umbrella as a shield against the sun. well, new reports coming in report that she was using it in preparation for the rain that we r recieving today. more @ 10:00 (i mean whenever i decide to provide an update).

awesome resume

this resume is the best i have ever seen

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vampire @ UT

 There is a Vampire here at UT in the transition from night stalker to day walker. Her skin is nearly as white as an albinos', she wears all black all the time, her teeth appear to be of the long variety, and she is always using a black umbrella to assist in protecting her skin from the sun. so, yeah. Vampire at UT. Just putting it out there for everyone to know.

Number 1

no i will not in the future, be numbering my blog posts, but i figurd that the first one might as well be. So to start, my name is (haha, u thought i was going to actually put my name out there for everybody to see and know, WOW, u thought huh. Well...... u thought right) my name is Jeremy Thompson and this is my Blog. I am a freshman at UT Austin, and i decided to create this blog because i couldn't figure out how to link my facebook status to my Twitter account, and so i started a blog so now i have a http to link to through twitter. That's about it. i suppose that i will go ahead and continue this blog throughout my career here at UT and attempt to provide profound guidance and insight to those who could really care less. :)   but, seriously, yeah thats about it..  ManBlog Out